Book your Private Party in one of our party rooms. Parties Must be booked online Click Here to Book

No outside food or drinks are allowed except for a cake, cupcakes or ice cream. 

Add on options:

Balloon Arch $150

7 Foot Balloon Column $80

Magician $300

Face painting $200

Party DJ for 2 hours $400

Balloon Artist (1hr) $200

Photo Booth (2hr) $500

Painting Classes $15 per person and up


Email our Event Planner

Or Call 630-206-0267 Press 2 to talk to the party host

Rental Terms and conditions:


  • Absolutely No Tape or Attaching anything to the walls, should you violate this rule you will be automatically charged a $100 or More Fee depending on the severity of the tape on the wall(s) You can tape items to the glass windows.

  • Only Cake, Ice Cream and Cupcakes are allowed. No other outside food, drinks, liquor, beer or wine allowed. 

  • Your room rental time has a grace period of 30 mins prior to your start time, should you want to come early and decorate, it also has a 10 mins grace period at the end. Should you stay longer than 10 mins past the end time you will be charged $150 late fee per hour. 

  • Should you arrive late, we can not guarantee the room time can be pushed back. We will do our best to accommodate you, however if we don’t have the availability then you end time will remain the same as it was agreed upon.


All party packages have a minimum number of 10 paid guests. You will be provided 10 Galaxi Cards with your selection of attractions and game credits on each card based on the party package you choose. Each additional guest who wants a card after the first 10 will be charged $23. 


Your party room rental period is limited to the number of hours based on the package you select. You are allowed to arrive up to 30 mins in advance if you want to decorate the room. You also have 10 minutes after the party end time to vacate the room, should you not vacate in the allotted time you are subject to a $150 Fee per hour that you stay after. We reserve the right to remove all personal items from the room at the end of your rental period if you have done so in the allotted time. We also reserve the right to escort you and the guests out of the room should you stay beyond the end time. The following are the times allowed in the room; Earth Sized Parties are allowed 2 hours, Mars Sized are 3 hours and Galaxi Sized are 4 hours. You and your guests are welcome to stay in the venue as long as you would like before and after your private room rental, however your room rental will only be available during the hours you booked.


No outside food or drinks including alcohol may be brought in except for a cake, cupcakes or ice cream.Should you violate the no food and drink policy we reserve the right to ask you to remove your food/drink items from the building and/or confiscate the items. 


No tape, staples or other methods may be used to attach anything to the walls. Should you violate this policy you will be automatically charged $100 or more fee depending on how much damage you cause. You may attach items to the glass windows.


A Shared party host is shared among all parties going on at the same time. This means that the party host may not be immediately available to assist you, however we do our absolute best to try and be as attentive to every party as possible. The party host has a desk in the common area that is staffed nearly all of the time, there also are buzzers in the rooms to page the host should you need something. An automatic 10% gratuity is applied to all parties, this is optional and can be changed to your discretion.  


Party package prices are separate from any other coupons or specials. Unless the special or coupon specifically says it’s for parties you may not use any other discounts or coupons.

Any damages to the property  caused by the guest or anyone related to your party will be the responsibility of the paying party host. Should damage occur an incident report will be made and charges applied based on the amount of damage. 


A non-refundable deposit is required for all parties. The deposit will be given as a credit on the final bill at the party. Once you sign the contract the deposit can not be returned. Should you cancel the party less than 3 days before the date we reserve the right to charge you in full for the party rental. 


We reserve the right to hold onto and/or make a photocopy an ID and Credit Card from the paying party host upon the start of the party. Any and all damages to any part of the venue will be charged to the party. 


The balance and any other charges will be charged about 15-30 minutes prior to the end of your rental.


Should you not arrive on time for the agreed upon start time you will not be allowed to extend the room time unless you pay the $150 per hour fee.